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AB Education, a group focused on Knowledge, Education and resource development. Founded in 1994 by Dr Anila Bhatara ( Doctoral desertation in education) an eminent educationist with experience of over 40 years, it continues to grow at a phenomenal pace due to the unprecedented success of it’s solutions. Having advisors with Phd. from reputed Universities like Stanford, Cornell and Harvard University, AB Education works in varied spheres of education and resource development.

Believing that the most important resource of the country is the human resource and developing it is the single most important pre-requisite to a developed responsible society and a prosperous country.

It develops product solutions and models for applications for various diverse industries . Whether it is Aviation, shipping, hospitality engineering, infrastructure, power, petroleum or energy sectors, ABERD develops specific sector based aptitude testing product solutions to assess and test aptitude of individual/s and provide profiling for corporate and other organizations for suitability and reliability of individuals in the particular sector. It also caters to organizations and companies for routine aptitude testing of their employees at all levels for pre-selection or pre-elevation.

ABERD provides in depth profiling which assists the management to take decisions with full information regarding aptitude and psychometric evaluations of the human resource available to them.

ABERD has also worked in the area of education and resource management acting as legal awareness partners for the Times Foundation (Times Of India Group) for various legal awareness social campaigns. The latest campaign being in the Delhi for Women campaign where Legal awareness seminars were organised for women to make them aware of their legal rights & Opportunities in Legal education for women.

ABERD also provides Pyschometric Aptitude testing services for Government and coporate sectors. Specific models are designed for educational institutes, corporate clients and individuals. The organization also provides in depth profiling and aptitude testing prior selection in various competitive professional organizations. Specialised services and solutions are provided for custom tailored requirements of clients. Pre-elevation and Pre-selection aptitude testing and in depth profiling services are also provided.

It also provides optimization of resources in the corporate sector providing specialized product service solutions in various sectors.. Ranging from Port Management module training programs to maritime security training modules ABERD in association with its partners provides products and solutions at multi levels for industry and non-industry resource development. It also works as an external auditor and consultant to various educational institutions in quality control.

Be it infrastructure, aviation, shipping, petroleum or power sector, ABERD provides specialized product solutions for managing and optimizing human resources. It also works in the area of providing legal awareness in various sections of the society be it schools, colleges, women & child protection to create awareness about the legal rights and enforcement mechanisms available to common people

Having successfully counselled and guided countless students & educationists using custom tailored Psychometric Aptitude programs it is expanding into various domains of education and research development. Using it’s uniquely developed education and assessment systems has lead to the unprecedented success of the students enrolled in it’s group company AB Tutorials Pvt Ltd with over 3000 students qualified in Law exams with a success rate of over 90%.

In this present ever growing global economic scenario with advancement of science and technology and fast changing socio-economic situation, it has become important to develop and manage human resource in order to keep with changing situation. For this it is essential to develop educational and vocational programs along with training and information for all students irrespective of their gender.

AB Education and resource development also been involved in selection of primary, secondary and senior secondary level teachers, in-service programme for teachers on topics related to methodology and techniques. We have conducted seminars for principals on topics related to team building, leadership, discipline, Stress management, attitude building, self enhancement with regard to moral values and spiritual development.

The seminars and workshops for the teachers and Principals cover private and public & government schools at national and regional level. Being a resource expert at NCERT, Seminar for Regional College of Education, Mysore was conducted on topics related to role of new emerging teachers and the challenges ahead. Besides regular contributions were made to NCERT in terms of module writing for topics related to teaching, learning, motivation etc. Teacher training Seminars have also been conducted in Navodya schools and national level programs with NIPCID for training of principals and head mistress’s and head masters.

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