Take a deep breath by Dr. Mrs. Anila Bhatara, Chairperson AB Education

Anger Management

All of us are host to anger, it is an emotion that is with us, since ages, and man is always finding ways and means to cope with this deadly virus, Honking cars, traffic jams, demanding boss, pending work assignments, deadlines to meet, pester us everyday to an extent, that we lose our patience, and sometimes our mind. In many cultures, anger is socially acceptable, hence it Persists &Angry men deserve more status, and are expected to do well on their jobs, than women, who may run the risk of losing the job. Male aggression is seen as a sign of his competences, his hunger to do more and hence excel in whatever he does. Women on the other hand are seen as frustrated if they get angry. There are old age tools such as yoga that is battling with the modern day stress.

Research states, during aggression, individuals hold their breath aggression is caused due to pent up negative thoughts and emotion, hence the venting process is blocked. Each one of us has our own way of handling anger. Most of the individuals are incompetent in coping with day to day frustration and anger, due to lack of time needed for oneself. Here are quick tips that will help us to reform our lives through anger management.

Introspection: Introspection is the first and very important tool for anger management. Ask yourself what makes you angry. Work over it constructively and arrive at a solution without hurting the sentiments of others. Learn to devote time to yourself.

Suppression: Suppressing anger is the second option that you can opt for redirecting your thoughts to something creative, this will yield positive output. You can watch a movie, read a novel, or go for a walk. Learn to redirect his/her energy towards constructive activities, such individuals grow spiritually, and spiritual growth is the highest form of growth.

Scheduling: Don’t let aggression turn inward, as this turns out to be dangerous. Stay calm by scheduling your time. Attend a yoga class, dance class or some group. Come out of the cocoon of pent up emotions, the sooner you come out the better. Try to be in company of others as aloofness facilitates negative thoughts hence followed by destructive action.

Deep breathing: When you find you self-anger, or about to lose your temper, start breathing deeply, focus on your breath rather than the object of aggression. Begin backward counting; soon your anger will buzz off.

Auto suggestion: Under any given point of time when you are angry helps to calm oneself try giving your self-suggestion, such as “look I am fine, I can handle it well”. Just laugh over it as this will not let anger grow.

Timing: Try to change the time and location of talks that heat up the argument between the parties involved.

Avoidance: If others in the house or school do not acknowledge what you have to say do not blow your lungs, rather avoid conversation at that moment.

Alternatives: learn to look for alternatives if things don’t work out. Alternatives are available if one wants to work through. Such as if you cannot remember something due to over load, write it in your pocket diary.

Use humor: “Silly humor” can help defuse rage in a number of ways. It helps to balance your perspective. Watch your face when you are furious, make fun of it and you will see anger fly.

These are few tools that can help you to be happier in life. Remember anger is as emotion, which can be injurious to health if not handled properly. Let yourself have positive aggression, which is non-hurting to others present in your environment, which is communicative in its approach rather than negative aggression which is negative and destructive in nature. So don’t just ignore.  Next time when you get angry and if you’re holding on to your breath, so let it go and take a long breath.

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