Law Olympiad

Introduction to AB Law Olympiad 2017

Students participating in AB Law Olympiad will take a short test designed by legal education specialists. 2017 Law Olympiad has been introduced for class 11th, 12th and College / University students. From 2018, students from class 9th onwards will be able to take the test. Different levels of tests have been designed based on understanding of abilities and age specific knowledge interfaces at different age groups for students. Members of International Council of Psychologist and American Psychologist Association have also been involved for logic section biological age referencing and for country demographic profiling.

AB Law Olympiad will not only introduce and familiarise students to legal applications but also identify and excel their aptitude for legal studies and future legal profession. It will assist students to assess their analytical and situational skills, their ability to solve problems in daily life and to upgrade their general knowledge levels. The law Olympiad will also help students to assess their English reading speed and their aptitude to select English as a subject for higher education.

AB Law Olympiad will have different abilities

  • Verbal reasoning,

  • Logical reasoning and critical thinking,

  • Legal and situational decision making,

  • General awareness and quantitative aptitude.

What is Law Olympiad:

  • 30-45 mins paper and pencil test/ online option may be available 2018 onwards

  • Test to be taken in school under school supervision and AB Law Olympiad representative in one classroom period.

Who can take:

  • Any student from class 9th to class 12th

  • Any college student from 1st to 3rd year

  • Any Law college /University student from 1st year to 5 years

Benefits to students of Law Olympiad:

  • Familiarization with legal domain to decide suitability for education or profession

  • Assessment of critical thinking skills and analytical decision making

  • Developing faster English reading skills

  • Developing responsiveness to situation

  • Developing their capability of analyzing situations

  • Assessment of General awareness knowledge for MUN aspirants

  • Strengthening of resume for students applying to international college education

  • Level 1: Block level (School level 2017)

  • Level 2: District Level (Combination of 25 schools) 2017

  • Level 3: Chapter (Combination of 125 schools) 2017

  • Level 4: Zone (Combination of 625 schools) will be activated 2018

  • Level 5: National (Combination of 2500 schools) will be activated 2019

  • Top 3 ranks at each level will be awarded Certificate of merit.

  • Participation Certificate/Qualifying Certificates

  • Cash prize upto Rs. 5000/- Cash Prize for 1,2 & 3 Position in level 2

  • Scholarships from Rs. 7500 - 75000/- offered on preparation for Law Entrance Exam from AB Tutorials

  • Free web seminar with legal specialists on benefits of legal education

  • Coverage in AB Student monthly newsletter for the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in Level 2, 3 & 4

  • Rs. 10,000/- Cash prize for 1, 2 & 3 position in level 4

All qualifying students will be eligible to attend 1-hour free web guidance seminar with legal specialists from ABERD regarding benefits of legal education and advantages of legal education/profession over other sectors. The web seminar can be attended from home using a phone/laptop/iPad etc.

Phone: 91-11-42270009, 8010381038